Tuesday 12 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Rolf, Veteran WIP (Finally)

This conversion is not the best of poses - I would have preferred to turn the right hand a bit, but the spear I used as handle for the axe snapped when I removed the arm from the sprue, so I do not dare cut the wrist.

If I had been a bit smarter, I would have discarded the broken bit, and just cut down the handle on the original axe to the right length above the hand an glued it directly where the spear broke off, but, well...

Rolf is a veteran of many raids, border disputes, and brawls, as he served Sigurdr's father Halgrim for many years.

Now he acts as bodyguard for the young Hersir, trying to keep him out of the worst trouble, until he can grow experienced leading men in battle.

Wielding his Dane-axe in one hand, he prefers fighting without a helmet for better vision, as he says: "If I cannot hit some runt before he hits me, I have grown too old for battle!"

Rolf is statted out as follows:

Fate 4+, FV +3, SV +2, Speed +0, Pagan


Ringbrynje, Skjold

Unarmed, Skilled

As with Sigurdr, I have to see how Rolf fares in combat, and if he dies too often, I may have to make him a Hero (0).

Now, with 5 members of the crew assembled, it is time to calculate what points I may have left.

I want to include a warrior with a bow, too (as soon as I feel sufficiently rich to throw in an order for some plastic box sets (I need the Conquest Games Medieval Archers, another GB Dark Age Warriors set, as I am almost through the first one, and another set of GB Viking Hirdmen, to have enough Dane-Axe wielding loonies.

I probably should get some Fireforge Mounted Sergeants, Fireforge Teutonic Knights, and GB foot Arabs, too, but I think I have to postpone that until after the summer holidays.

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