Friday, 15 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Warband Status

So, with five minis assembled, I have spent a total of 174 points.

I am aiming for 200 points for my starting warband, which means that I have 26 points left to spend on a warrior with a bow. I am too tired to jiggle stats and points right now, but it should be easily doable.

I just ordered the Conquest Games plastic Medieval Archers from Renedra (with som Saxon Tents, and two frames of waddle fencing).

The plans for the weekend are:

  1. Remove moldlines from Ulf
  2. Sculpt leather straps/loops holding some axes
  3. Add filler to the bases
  4. Maybe take a group shot
I am currently in my 5-day work week (night watch), and I probably shall not make more much progress this week (but that only means, the archer may have time to catch up with the rest of the crew). It will be good to take a few days off cutting and gluing plastic, though.

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