Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Ivar, the Last Viking

Ivar is now built and up to speed with the rest of the warband.

Body, arms, head, and quiver are from the Medieval Archer set, and the hand with the axe from the Gripping Beas Viking Hirdmen set.

He brings the warband roster up to a full basic 200 pts, 6 figures, which is a manageable number to get ready for the table within a foreseeable time.

The conquest heads seem to have some cloth around the neck (which really ought not be there, given the sculpt of the torsos), but I guess I shall paint it up as the unbleached linen of the særk (under-tunic).

Below you will find a couple more pictures of Ivar from different angles.

As you can see, the archers have the (for Vikings historically correct) sword 'baldric' - but no swords or other sidearms to put there.

I guess, I could have placed the axe there, and sculpted a loop/sheath for it, but I opted for the 'in hand' solution this time.

Another detail on these is, most of them have a short, half-sleved 'over tunic' that can be painted as the in Blood Eagle ever present 'leather byrnie' (læderbrynje), which is another reason why I was keen on getting the Medieval Archers set.

I shall probably construct some warriors with hand weapon/shield from some of these bodies in the future. The bows can be used on other models, like the un-armoured Dark Age Warriors, or even on some mail-clad Viking Hirdmen models.

The set contains both short and long bows in sufficient numbers for all the models, so a LOT of bowmen can be constructed, using models from other sets!

Ivar has the following stats:

Fate 4+, FV +2, SV +2, Speed +0, Pagan

Læderbrynje + Let Hjælm, jagtbue, økse

In the meantime, I have put the second helping of filler on the bases of the entire warband, and they should be ready for primer tomorrow, when I get up after sleeping (I work night watch tonight).

I shall post a line-up of the entire warband later this evening, so stay tuned!

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