Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Mead Saga Continues...

...and this time I used port yeast, which gives a rich flavour, but also a slightly more dry mead, if my tongue does not deceive me.

The first picture is of the siphoning process, where I move the brew from the fermenting tank to the glass demijohn for a year of clearing (and aging), before it is poured into bottles.

The four filled bottles to the left are just my 'spill insurance', as I want to make sure that none of the brew spills over, if the demijohn should not be able to contain all of the mead, so I siphon some of the brew into bottles before leaving the process to itself.

As it turned out, all but half a liter fitted in the demijohn, so after 'decarbonising', I could set the brew aside, and go about tasting the stuff.

As always, I also filtered the dregs through coffee filters, as it contains a lot of nice taste when filtered properly.

I really should get another batch started up, but I have to bottle a batch that has been aging since April 1st, last year, so I think I'd rather get that done, first.

Not that I could not just let it rest a while longer, aging only improves the result, and I have plenty of bottled mead stored in the racks, but, well, it will be nice to get that task out of the way.

This is all from my personal brewery, for now.


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