Saturday, 23 April 2016

Vacation 2015 - Day 10

The last full day at the camping was used for relaxation - and the midday heat was best avoided by the kids in the trailer, resorting to intellectual activity.

We had been to a store in Sottomarina, and I had got a couple of Italian beers, so I spent some of the afternoon tasting them.

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised, as Italian beer is not something we hear a lot about in Denmark.

This rather large bottle of relatively strong double-malt beer from Peroni almost made me fall asleep sitting in a chair in the front awning.

Very good taste, but probaly better consumed in connection with a meal of some sort.

Well, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

The second course in this untimely drinking feast was another ½ liter's worth of slightly less strong brew from Moretti.

This one tasted even better, although none of them, in my opinion, beats the Moretti La Rossa Malto Brunito double-malt I bought on our second day in Sottomarina.

For the sake of completeness, I include the back label of the La Rossa beer (the red one down below).

And, as it was a lazy day, I did not take any more photos, as nothing interesting really happened.


  1. Peroni is great beer, we have a version available in the UK but it has a red label. Enjoy the holiday!

    1. Oh, we did, I am just trying to catch up on my back-log of vacation photos, now that I have resumed blogging :D