Sunday, 24 April 2016

Vacation 2015 - Day 11

Back on the road, driving through northern Italy on our way to Switzerland, we had a stop for lunch.

As you can see, we tried to make full use of any shadow, as 'only mad dogs and Englishmen...'

Weather was, as during our entire vacation, very nice, and very, very hot.

 Whenevet we made a stop, and were staying near the car, we opened doors and windows in both the car and the trailer, otherwise it would be like entering an oven after only 10 minutes.

Here we have passed the border, and are just outside Lugano. The Alps are looming over the horizon.

Some landscapes shot from the car.

For the night. we found a nice little camping site in Gudo, near Bellinzona, Camping Isola.

It is situated just on the banks of the River Ticino, and a long, very narrow road leads from the main road down to the camping site, and we almost prayed to the powers that aren't, not to meet any traffic on it.

Nice shadowy site with grass under large trees, a small restaurant, pool, and a food store.

Grass means ball!

Sunset in the mountains
Bordering on the camping site was a property with some tiny ponys.

Almost set for the night

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