Friday, 15 April 2016

Blood Eagle: SMER Drakkar (1:60)

I got this in the mail today:

I just made a quick dry-fit of the hull to figure out, how difficult it will be to glue it, and some fiddling about is requied to make everything fall into place.

The cartoony dragon of couse has to be replaced, an the hull cut off at water-level, but apart from that, I do not think that I need to do much - this is intended for gaming, and not a display model.

I was told, by the way, that the crew miniatures form this set are 1:72, but as you can see from this picture, a standing crewman measures about 26 mm from footsole to eye level, which clearly puts the figures in the 1:60 vicinity.

The crewmen are awful, mind you, but as I am going to use the ship for my 28mm Blood Eagle vikings, this is of no concern to me.

I expect to glue the hull Monday or Tuesday (I need plenty of time, so I do not botch the build by rushing it), but we shall see about that - I may be able to squeeze it in over the weekend.

I still have my Revell longship in its box, but Blood Eagle is probably going to spur me on to get it done (and maybe get a couple more).

EMHAR has a ship listed as 1:72, which is said to be a nice model, and I am going to try finding one of those as well, to add some diversity to the available vessels.

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