Monday, 11 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Ulf WIP

Another young raider joins the swelling ranks:


Eager to earn his 'horns', Ulf has joined Sigurdr's crew expecting adventure and loot, so he can afford marrying Gunhild (little does he know, Gunhild plans to become a shieldmaiden, and seek fame and fortune of her own).


Fate 5+, FV +1, SV +1, Speed +0, Pagan


Håndøkse, Seax (Dagger)

Like Halfdan, Ulf is equipped for hitting soft targets, and getting away with the loot, be it silver, livestock, or thralls.

I think I forgot to remove some
I'll fit as many light raiders in the warband as possible, as I expect lots of raiding action focussing on securing the spoils of war. My only concern is, will they have sufficient staying power if cornered by angry defenders, or shall I have to replace crewmembers on a game-to-game basis...

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