Friday, 8 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Sigurdr Krage WIP

I got out of bed way too late today, as my daughter was very upset over something last night, and thus we allowed her to sleep in our bed - resulting in me getting almost no sleep at all, as she slept ver uneasily.

Well, I managed to get a mini assemble to represent my young Hersir, Sigurdr Krage (and got started on Rolf).

Sigurdr is statted up as follows:

Fate 3+, FV +3, SV +2, Speed +0, Pagan

Leadership +1
Hero (1)

Ringbrynje, Helhjælm (I count a Gjermundbu-helmet as a Full Helm), Skjold


I'll have to play a couple of test-games to see if he has sufficient staying power - otherwise I may opt to go for 1 or 2 exstra Hero Points.

Sigurdr is based on a 20mm steel washer
Here is a couple of extra pictures:

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