Tuesday 19 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Conquest Medieval Archers

I got these in the mail yesterday, just in time, as the rest of my warband is almost ready for primer.

Now I can get startted on Ivar, the last missing member of the crew.

Below are the sprues laid out to dry, after I washed them in hot water with detergent, and rinsed them thoroughly, first in clean hot water, then cold water to get rid of any soap residue.

I am a bit confused, as to why Conquest Games chose to have only 28 minis in this set; the box was clearly designed to contain about double the number of sprues, and at a price of £20, the per mini price is almost double that of similar sets (their own Norman Infantry set contains 44 figures at the same price). Well, this set will cater for my archery needs for a long time, so I shall not whine on about this for long... ;o)

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