Monday, 25 April 2016

Vacation 2015 - Day 12, Part 2: Meiringen and The Reichenbach Fall

After checking in at Camping International Lido in Luzern, we got back into the car and set the course for Meiringen, and Conan Doyle country.

The main reason for this outing was to visit the Reichenbach Fall of Holmes/Moriarty fame, and to get up there, we had to take the cogwheel train up the mountain.

Two tough chicks on the train

The trail going up
A couple of views from the lower part of the trail.

Another tram on the trail.

And the acxtual, genuine Reichenbach - none of that Robert Downey castle-on-the-Niagara nonsense.

The mandatory proof that we were actually there.

The basin at the bottom - and another small waterfall.
The proper name is actually the Reichenbach Falls, in plural.

Lea is posing as a certain investigator.

And persuaded her dad to do the same...
If you look very carefully, you may be able to locate a light spot about 1/4 in from the left side, almost at the horizontal middle axis.

That is actually a æarge star, marking the spot from where Holmes was believed to have fallen to his death with Moriarty.

Another angle

Lea is perpetuating the stunning view from the trail leading to the top of the falls

I tried to capture the 'star' from above.
You may be able to spot it just above the middle of the picture.

I just cannot get enough of sights like this.


The top falls

A foot bridge spanning the top of the long fall

Does it get much better?
At this point, my family wanted to go back, but I decided to complete the walk to the site of the fatal meeting.

Tread carefully!
 And I got there!

I wouldn't want to take a dive here...

Another view of Meiringen

Going down

Some impressions of Meiringen. This town has made sure to make the most of its connection to Victorian literature!

With most senses well fed, it was time to drive back to Luzern and prepare supper...


  1. Amazing! I never thought they would have a Sherlock Holmes memorial! Enjoy yourselves, what an amazing trip.

    1. Meiringen has a lot of Holmes-related stuff - a museum, some hotels (they even have the Victoria Hotel, but I am not sure whether it is named after Her Imperial Majesty (Gawd bless'er)).
      We did indeed have a wonderful vacation last summer, but I am trying to trump it this year by going to the Barcelona area (Costa Brava), and visiting Grail/Templar/Albigensian country (Languedoc-Roussillon) both on the way there and back again. A one day visit to Carcassonne will be mandatory!