Thursday, 7 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Planning My First Warband

I have spent parts of today on financial chores, and walking my daily 8 kms with the dog - BUT I have also found time to start making up my own Viking warband.

I have opted for going from scratch, not using any of the pre-made lists (other than for basic profiles and guidelines), as I want to depict the warband of a young Hersir (who own his position to being the nephew of the local Jarl), eager to win renown and silver.

I have statted up the Hersir Sigurdr Krage, and his loyal Huskarl and bodyguard Rolf, a seasoned warrior who spent many years traveling and raiding with Sigurdr's father.

With those two, I already spent 110 points, so I shall have to plan the rest of the followers a bit conservatively.

I have begun assembling a Gripping Beast plastic Viking (Sigurdr), and I have planned how to construct Rolf, a hardened and strong man who is wielding a Dane Axe with his right hand alone, while defending with a shield.

Tomorrow I shall finish work on Sigurdr, get most of Rolf ready, and get on with the rest of the band.

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