Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Painted an 'Extra'

The last few days I have been recuperating from the Confirmation party we attended Sunday; as I an heavily introvert, being among a lot of people really drains my life-force, so I have not been painting as much as I would have liked.

I did manage to finish one of the 'extras', a mini that I intend as a Saxon peasant/skirmisher. He has that Anglo-Saxon retired armyman look about him, I think... ;o)

Bear with me, as he is the first mini I have painted in about six months - which is why I decided not to start with a member of Sigurdr's crew (needed to practise a bit).

Undercoat: Black


  1. GW Ushabti Bone
  2. - 4. Ushabti Bone with progressively more white mixed in.


  1. C Graveyard Earth + black
  2. Graveyard Earth
  3. Graveyard Earth + white or bone, don't remember

'Wicklers' (dyller):

  1. V Black Red + black
  2. Black Red
  3. Black Red + C Khorne Red


  1. C Snakebite Leather + C Scorched Brown
  2. Snakebite Leather + a bit less Scorched Brown
  3. Snakebite Leather


  • F Musket Stock Brown triad


  • Dark through light grey (4 layers)


  • Usual Recipe


  • F Rawhide triad
I have started painting Ulf, and if everything goes well, I should finish him before the weekend, but I start my five-days night watch period today, which means that progress will be really slow.

I shall announce the dates for this year's Attic Attack very soon, so watch these pages if you intend to be present!


  1. He looks great! And I completely sympathise re social events draining your life force...I'm much the same.

    1. Thanks - I hope to be able to finish Ulf one of the next days, but, as usual, I have a lot of things to dp during the few day hours I am awake when working my night watch.