Sunday, 10 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Torstein WIP

I ran into some problems building Rolf, so while the poly cement is drying on a repair, I am building another member of Sigurdr's warband:

Torstein, young warrior

Fate 5+, FV +1, SV +1, Speed +0, Pagan

Light Helm and Shield

Axe, One-Handed

As I am in short supply of models with leather byrnies, I opt to use light helms instead - as it gives the same level of protecgtion, rules-wise.

I shall be ordering a box of Conquest Games' relatively new plastic Medieval Archers next month and add a bow-armed warrior to the party (I was reluctant to do so, as I have not been impressed with Conquest's former plastic releases, but a recent posting on LAF of some nicely painted archers has swayed me), and with Torstein he will form the warband's potential for engaging the enemy from afar, while Sigurdr and Rolf will be the hard-hitters.

I intend to add a couple more raiders with light gear to fulfil the role of, well, raiders, going for the spoils and soft targets, supported and helped by Torstein and the archer, while Sigurdr and Rolf (hopefully) keep the more dangerous opposition at bay.

I am going to add a greenstuff leather 'loop'
holding the axe,
but the poly cement has to settle, first.
Couple of more pics:

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