Monday, 11 April 2016

Blood Eagle: Halfdan WIP

Not yet quite done with Rolf, so here I present you:

Halfdan, Viking Raider

Another combined build, using the Dark Age Warriors and the Viking Hirdmen sets from Gripping Beast.

Equipped for hit-and-run tactics, Halfdan leads the more reckless elements of Sigurdr's warband, abandoning protection in favour of mobility.

Stats pretty 'canon':

Fate 4+, FV +2, SV +1, Speed +0, Pagan

Light Helm

Axe, Throwing Axes

The warband takes shape, and I hope to start painting this week - but real life may have a second opinion on that...

As with Torstein,
I need to add a leather 'loop'
holding the Throwing Axe.
These two pics are very much further apart in the published version of this post than in the design view....

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