Friday, 4 May 2018

Star Wars X-Wing: Ghost and Phantom

It is Star Wars Day, and what better way to start celebrating than showing my latest acquisitions for the X-Wing game so thoroughly enjoyed by my youngest offspring and myself?

After buying Phantom II on a whim, and then playing some games with Lea the last couple of days, I decided to get some more Star Wars: Rebels-related stuff for X-Wing.

Here is Ghost, with the attack shuttle Phantom, and the entire Spectre crew. I forgot to order Sabine's TIE-Fighter, but the 1st ed. stuff may come on sale, soonish, as the 2nd ed. has been announced, so I may be able to get a few bits and bobs with a nice discount (as of now, I see no reson to plunge into conversion to 2nd ed., as long as I don't buy any 2nd ed. ships, but we shall see...)

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