Monday, 14 May 2018

SS&SS: 2nd Campaign Activity Period

Shaggram with his newly finished base
- some day I shall also paint him up nicely...
It has been more than a week, since Ulolkish and I played our co-op game, and I think it is about time I get my Characters' CAP sorted out.

The Scenario yielded 4xp per player, and this time I opt to distribute them evenly, bringing Shaggram and Rhagador up to 3xp each, Finghal and Argesïl 1xp each.

Shaggram spends his free time reading up on Magic Mastery, and he has to study for quite a while, yet, so does not spend any xp this CAP. He enlists in the local City Militia (a Fireball-wielding Wizard is always welcome in the ranks of armed peasantry) for a Salary of 6 SP (he rolls an '11' at the end of the CAP), and he does not have to pay for Living Expenses, so ends up with 12 SP, as he did not pick up anything during the game.

Finghal looted 4 SP and a Cheap Sword, so has a total of 10 SP. He hands the Cheap Sword to Rhagador, as the Cleric is going to trade some weapons at the market, anyway, and also enlists in the City Militia once more, earning him 6 SP (he rolls a '7' at the end of the CAP), for a total of 16 SP. To this he can add 5 SP form the sale of the Cheap Sword, and he is now holding 21 SP.

Argesïl looted 7 SP and a Cheap Sword, gives the Cheap Sword to Rhagador for him to sell at the market, while he goes Pickpocketing among the attendees himself. This time he rolls a '12', which is just enough for success! Unfortunately, the first d6 is only a '1´', but the second a '6', so he gets a meager harvest of only 6 SP bringing his total up to 13 SP. He spends 1 SP on Living Expenses, so has 12 SP left.
Rhagador pays him 5 SP after selling the Cheap Sword, and he can start his next adventure with a purse of 17 SP.

Rhagador decides to hone his socializing skills, and spends 2xp on Charisma Lvl 1, which may come in handy when he visits the market to sell the 2 Battleaxes he looted along with 10 SP, and the 2 Cheap Swords provided by his companions.
He finds a weapons trader, and starts to Haggle. He rolls a '20', and sells the Cheap Swords for 5 SP each, and the Battle-axes for 30 SP each.

  • From now on, I shall only allow the Full Price on a perfect success (20) on the Haggle Roll, all other successes just giving the 10% bonus as per the Trade rules. I had forgotten that I should have a rule for a Perfect roll.
Rhagador gets 70 SP form trading, but gives 5 SP to each of Finghal and Argesïl, so adds only 60 SP to his own purse, for a total of 92 SP, from which he has to pay Living Expenses, and ends up with 91 SP.

The Party now has 141 SP among them, and I probably should have them buy some equipment, but I am not sure, what will be useful, yet, so I shall just let them hold on to their money for a little while longer.

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