Saturday, 12 May 2018

Finished Assembling Ladgerda - Cleaning WIP

I got the sword cleaned up and attached to the Shieldmaiden today.

I tried to remove the moldline running through her face, but it is very hard to see in real life, so I have to wait until I have primed her to see if it is still visible.

This photo reveals some flash on her shoulder that I have missed, and I shall have to get the diamond needle files out for her again tomorrow (tonight is Eurovision Song Contest night, so I doubt I shall find more hobby time today).

From this angle, the shield rim looks okay, although I did not do any work on it, yet, but maybe I shall also have to give it a grind...

A slightly unfocused photo from her left side.

I think the 'lump' in front of her chin must be part of her right shoulder - it is definitely not some flash on the shield rim, although it could look as it at the first glance.

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