Thursday, 24 May 2018

Galleys and Galleons: Preparing the Game

Last week I purchased Galleys and Galleons form Ganesha Games, as I had seen some pics of games played with the Pirates of the Spanish Main ships, of which I have a shipload(!).

The game uses the well-known Song of Blades and Heroes engine with a few adjustments, but nothing to surprise players of any of the 'Songs' games.

I am preparing a Wind Compass and a Heading Template, printed from the pdf, and I am going to attach the arrow using a pair of 1mm rare earth magnets and some glue.

Like with Paleo Diet

Half of all author royalties generated from sales of these rules will be donated to the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency who protect and assist individuals and families displaced by war and persecution,

so I would urge all gamers to purchase a copy of the game, be it printed or digital, from Ganesha Games.

I may get a game in tomorrow - depending on how carried away I get with gardening, as this spring is acting like a hot August.


  1. If you get a Q5 Galleon, keep an Admiral close by. Otherwise, they just kind of blunder along....