Monday, 7 May 2018

Springtime in the Garden

The sun has been shining and temperatures rising over this past weekend, so I have not been indoors stooped over miniatures all the time.

Our early potatoes are sprouting nicely, and it is soon time to earth them up, as a lot of weeds are also benefiting from the weather.

Around our fireplace, a lot of me-toos have been spreading over the last couple of years, and I refrain from mowing the area where they grow, allowing them to develop seeds and spread even further.

I took the photos at a bad time, as the sunlight was reflected by the petals, so the delicate blue colour does not show, but i can assure you, it is a lovely sight!

I shall make some other photos of them one of the next days.

Our tulip tree is also in full bloom - as is the sorry remnants of our japanese cherry, which I have not taken a picture of, yet - I need to find an angle that lets it look nice, and the light came form the wrong direction this evening.

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