Saturday, 5 May 2018

2018-05-05: SS&SS, First Co-op Game, Part 1

Today, Ulolkish and I played our first co-op game of SS&SS together. He brought a starting party of four, and I used the party from my solo game.

Although the rules prohibit playing the same scenario twice in a row when campaigning, we never the less played Through the Badlands, as it is the most basic scenario in the book, and Ulolkish had not played the game before.

I had set up a somewhat more interesting terrain than for my first game, as I wanted to try the 'Broken Ground' rules.

Finghal rolled for his 'Heavy Drinker' trait, but again showed up sober.

This was the initial set-up after placing the Monsters.

I rolled highest for order of players, and my party was assailed by Foes right from the start.

The other party moved forward to engage the enemies right ahead, while Finghal slew another Orc, and it started pouring down (marked by the aquamarine beads all over the table).

Finghal finished off the third Orc, while Shaggram had to fight off an Ambush, and Rhagador dispatched a Brute. A mana Flux occurred (marked by the purple beads), giving a +2 to spellcasting). Later, another Mana Flux brought the bonus up to +4, but I forgot to mark it in a noticeable way.

The other adventurers were slowed down  by a couple of Brutes.

I mixed up the rules for Broken Ground (I should have read up on them before the game!), so counted it as BOTH slowing all models down, AND triggering DL10 Terrain Rolls. Well, I shall not forget the rules again...

My Party rallied at the bridge...

...while their companions mowed down the Orcs in their way - and the rain stopped!

A single Brute engaged Rhagador.

Rhagador fought the Orc Brute, while the rest of the party crossed the bridge. He killed the beast, and looted it.

Rhagador kept guarding the bridge, while the green adventurers ran for safe passage.

Shaggram successfully cast two Fireballs, killed some Orc Brutes, and crippled the Troll, while Finghal and Argesïl, as usual. tried to sneak off. Finghal stepped in a bear trap...

Kentosh the Swan Knight swept in and helped Rhagador, while Duregar the Dwarf went for some valuables in the bushes. Saimon the Sorceror must have felled the Troll with some Magic Darts, although LOS should have been blocked by the bushes, as per scenario rules, but Ulolkish may have used actual eyes view of the Wizard (I was peeling potatoes for dinner while he finished the turn, so I did not actually see what happened).

It is getting late around here now, so I shall continue this AAR tomorrow (or maybe Monday, as I have a Black Powder appointment in Glamsbjerg tomorrow afternoon, we shall see...)

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