Sunday, 20 May 2018

Paleo Diet - Recommended!

I purchased Paleo Diet - Eat or be Eaten from Ganesha Games yesterday (while waiting for Ulolkish to arrive), and I have now finished reading it through.

It is a game of pre-historic hunting - a genre I have always liked when playing it at conventions.

Like SS&SS it is well suited for solo play, and I expect many hours of fun with it.

Mechanics are also similar to SS&SS, using d6 instead of d20, and Reaction Tables instead of Event Cards (like TUSK, if that game is familiar to you), giving greater variety in the way, different types of prey react to the hunters, which is a good thing in my book.

I have to paint some animals to hunt, but I can use my painted Zulus as hunters (until I get some Cavemen - and probably also the Simians from Lucid Eye).

Although I have not yet played the game, I recommend any fans of pre-historic mayhem to get Paleo Diet, if for no other reason that:

Half of all author royalties generated from sales of these rules will be donated to the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency who protect and assist individuals and families displaced by war and persecution.


  1. We enjoyed the game very much on the one occasion (so far) that we have played it. I plan that there will be many more hunts, though possibly we won't try to take down a mammoth with only spearmen again!

    1. My guess would be that fire and well-prepared pits should be employed....