Wednesday 10 December 2014

You are DROKKED, Perp!!

Painted this Street Judge of Mega City One for some Judge Dredd Miniatures Game action, and for the Future Wars Painting Club at the Lead Adventure Forum.

I rushed the paintjob a little bit, as the Future Wars Painting Club is picking up light speed (this entry is number forty in 6 days), so I wanted to make sure that I got him in before it would be too late.

I have a few grievances about this mini - although none that cannot be taken care of at a later point, if and when I decide to do so:

My Goblin Green series suffer from OMS (Odd-Mix Syndrome); I am not quite sure if all colours have been mixed from the same version of Goblin Green, and my highlighting colour is too bright (thus I mixed a pot with half of it with a little black added, but the resulting shade is not quite right, and probably not bright enough, either). So I would have liked to accentuate the hightlights on the green a bit more, but, as mentioned, I may do it on a later occation.

I was not quite sure about the four-colour-type blue jumpsuit (technically, it is meant to be black, but I like the comic-book look), and I probably should have highlighted it at least once more.

The contrasts in the gold do not seem to pop quite as much as I hoped for - next time I'll base-coat with a darker mix, and maybe finish off with highlights of tiny amounts of silver.

I researched as I went along, and all of a sudden I am not so sure about the yellow left shoulder-pad:

Sources are not consistent, and some seem to suggest that both the eagle-pad and the shoulder-pad should be gold, while others make it look like they are both yellow. In all circumstances, I think the yellow is a bit too bright, although in line with the 'four-colour' look. May try a more dark 'golden' yellow, or simply paint it gold, next time.

Speaking of which, some sources show elbow and knee guards as gold/yellow, too. Wonder what that would do to the overall look of the uniform in my interpretation...?

AND, I have seen the utility belt in a earthly grey-brown sort of leathery coloer, too.

I think I may need a darker shading colour for the Lawgiver, but not necessarily...

I only gave the top 1/3 of the helmet a light drybrush with a dark blue-grey; I think, maybe another lighter shade added to the very top would be good...

I also think that the red rim of the helmet could have been a bit brighter - I may try with the old Citadel Blood Red (bolter round pot) next time.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome - I'm not a big Judge Dredd connaisseur, so if someone that IS could shed some light on the peculiarities of the Justice Dept. uniforms for me, I would be grateful!


  1. Beautiful painting. Just beautiful. Love the yellow shoulder pad and blue uniform - two things I avoided when painting mine. You got the red helmet trim spot on too. Stunning stuff :-)

    1. Thanks, I do like the 'four-colour' comic book look, and I certainly won't be changing the blue (maybe just add one more layer for highlights) on future Justice Dept. minis. I think I shall be trying other solutions for the shoulder pad, though.

  2. Looks pretty good to me :-) !

    1. Thanks - it's not that I'm all discontent with the result, I just feel that it lacks that little 'extra'. Well, I'll probably paint a few more Judges along the way, so I can experiment a bit...