Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mines of Moria: Aragorn WIP

I dug out (actually picked from the generic Moria Goblin box) this mini yesterday, removed mold lines, and glued the right arm in place.

The base with coarse sand was already done when I got the mini from a fellow LAF'er with my first purchase of a second-hand batch of LotR minis.

I shall have to add iron beneath the base, and also add a tiny bit of greenstuff to the joint at the shoulder, but otherwise I consider the mini ready for priming.

I'll probably get a bit done tomorrow evening, if I haven't got the shakes about the upcoming exam...


  1. Looking forward to seeing this piece painted up and my best wishes to you with your exam. Good luck :-)

    1. Thanks, I'm still sweating over the books at almost 11 p.m., so, no progress today, but as soon as my exam is over (at about 11 a.m. tomorow) I'll head home, and have a good long weekend for doing all kinds of stuff...