Saturday, 20 December 2014

BioCorp Buccaneers: Third Jack Done!

BioCorp Buccaneers #08, Stanley Sparrow.


  1. great stuff once again my friend. I hadn't noticed the right forearm device before. you;ve highlighted that (with a drybrush?) very well. Keep it going :-)

    1. Yes, it's the 'DreadBall Glove' emminating a force-field used to handle the ball, The highlight is indeed a dry-brush using a dark blue-grey on top of black.
      Jacks and Strikers wield the 'Glove', thus able to handle (pick up, throw, catch) the ball, while the Guards' sole rôle is to maul the opposition (unless they ascend to the position of 'Keeper', allowing them limited ball-handling ability).