Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Gaming Loot.

Not a whole lot under the tree this year; three ships for Star Wars: X-Wing - which is nice, but I really hoped to get D&D: Attack Wing, to get some dragons on the table with my daughters (3 dragons in the starter is perfect for Lea, Anna, and I).

Well, I'm off to the attic to bring down a 3x3 black 'space' board for playing some SW:XW. then, and then I'll have to go buy the D&D:AW game Saturday.

My wife promised me to sew a linen tunic for me, though, to use in warm conditions instead of my woolen tunic (for medieval re-enactment), for which I have had the fabric for years, so I should be better off for the events next summer.

When my in-laws have left later this afternoon, it is time to get a game of X-Wing organized, and the re-start the current project of getting my first DreadBall team painted up for some action!

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