Thursday 18 December 2014

BioCorp Buccaneers: First Player Done!

The Future Wars Painting Club at the Lead Adventure Forum is not quite over, yet, so I managed to get my first DreadBall player ready as entry number 92.

BioCorp Buccaneers #06, Jaime Bonaventura.

When the entire team is done, I shall add numbers (transfers) to the circular back plates.

I shall also try to find some tranfers with tiny skull-and-crossbones for a team badge, going on the black circle on the chest (and possibly to the shoulder-pads as well)

Colours Used:

Primer: White

Main Armour:

  1. F British Redcoat basecoat
  2. OC Devlan Mud wash
  3. F British Redcoat drybrush

Armour Pads:

  1. Black basecoat
  2. Black+OC Shadow Grey 1/2 mix light drybrush (+ a few light solid strokes for highlights)

Face Mask:

  1. White
  2. Black 'eyes' and 'breather', white 'teeth'
  3. OC Devlan Mud wash
  4. White highlight
When I've added tranfers and/or painted team badges, I shall give the minis a good heavy layer of varnish to protect them from wear and tear; DreadBall is the kind of game I may on occation play with people who are not accustomed to handling painted minis,, so better safe than sorry!


  1. I have a few of these but have been put off by how terrible they are apparently to paint. You've made this model look superb and I'll certainly be popping back to this posting for encouragement when I finally start :-)

    1. Thanks!
      They are axtually not so bad to paint when you opt for a simple approach. A high-quality wash (I've been told that Vallejo do an almost exact duplicate of Devlan Mud), followed by a drybrush of the original colour (and maybe another light drybrush of an even lightet highlighting colour) makes all those fiddly details pop, without causing the loss of too many Sanity Points ;o)

  2. While I found the male Corporation team very difficult to paint, I didn't have such difficulties with my orc or female Corporation teams. I don't know if this is because the male models are really that much worse? Or perhaps I adjusted/simplified my painting style for the later 2 teams without realising it?

    1. I'm not sure, I am convinced that the Forgefathers will be much easier to do using 'normal' layering techniques, as they seem to have better accentuated details. The Orx also look a bit easier. I haven't looked closely at the Female Corp, but I think that the Male Corp are simply too 'streamlined' with too many fiddly little details.