Friday, 5 December 2014

Holder for WIP Minis.

Some days ago I got fed up with not really knowing what to do with a mini attached to a cork handle for painting, when not actually working on it.

Something had to be done about it!!

The solution: A paddle drill bit, and a piece of a wooden batten.

As you can see, the cork fits into the hole - and I drilled two holes to accomodate more than one 'premium' paintjob at a time (I do not put rank-and-file models on handles, only those deserving extra attention), and the space between the holes is sufficient for a cavalry model to be placed at.

This leaves more workspace on the paint(t) station, and saves me the trouble of finding space for a mini on a handle to lie on its side.


The piece in the front of the pic is a paint pot holder - when a pot is placed in the hole before opening, it will never tip over and spill its contents all over your workspace, and possibly near-finished minis!

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