Saturday 27 December 2014

D&D: Attack Wing

Went out and bought this today.

First impression:

I wish they had made the box a bit bigger, as especially the red dragon is going to need some hot water repositioning of the wings, and I don't think the card components have the same high quality finish that ST:AW and SW:XW sports.

That being said, a lot of components are BIGGER in this game than we have come to expect from playing its two predecessors. All the fiddly markers have been upscaled to a size where they handle much easier and is not so easily dropped by butter-fingered players. This is nice, and I hope FFG does the same for Star Wars: Armada, due out first quarter 2015, if I remember correctly.

A quick read-trough of the rules booklet reveals that the basic system save a few twists, is the same as in the two sci-fi games. There are some interesting features regarding upgrades, and armour, and generally speaking it seems that WizKids have tried to capture the D&D 'feel' with their tweaking.

One fun feature is the TWO manoeuver dials for each dragon type - one for flight, and one for trampling about on the ground.

I hope to try the quick-play rules with my daughters tomorrow, and then a basic game with some upgtades and expanded rules one of the next days.


  1. Thanks for the write-up. I look forward to seeing how you get on :-)

  2. Yes, it'll be interesting to hear about how this game plays.