Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Odin Would be Pleased...

For the first time, I am putting a batch of mead on a glass container for storing it to settle for a year before bottling.

Until now, I have only let the brew settle for 1-2 months in a plastic container, because I have been told that oxygene can shift through the plastic, ruining the taste of the mead.

I should get rubber caps for the glass containers one of the next days, and in the meantime I have covered the mouth of the container with plastic secured with a rubber band.

I am also filtering the sediment from the bottom of the fermentation container - the filtered mead is very rich in flavour, and deserves to be enjoyed instead of discarded, and is the brewmaster's prerogative ;o).

It is a slow process, though, as the dead yeast is clogging up the coffee flter I am using - but I guess I shall be able to enjoy a glass of the golden liquid around noon today.

Storing mead for a year sets a new milestone for me as a home-brewer, and I really hope that it is worth the wait - word has that the flavour should become much richer, and that storing the mead for another year on botlles even more so.

I shall need a few more glass containers (I have four at the moment) if I am to have a steady production of stored mead, though, I guess six to eight may suffice, as I am still going to bottle every other brew after a short settling period, to have something for consumption and gifts.

That is all from Argonor's Brewery for this time.


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