Saturday, 6 December 2014

New Challenge Rising!

I have had some minis sitting around in prepped and primed condition for a very long time, waiting for a particular event to take place.

And, finally, the stars are right, and the Future Wars Painting Club was announced at LAF on December 4th.

I have a selection of minis to choose from for this little happening; a Space Marshal, some Street Judges, and an entire DreadBall Team, her represented by a Jack.

I'll start with a Street Judge, then paint a DreadBall player, and if I am pleased with the colour scheme, I may do a few more for the team.

This will mark a break from my ongoing projects, as is always the case with the LAF painting clubs, but having some diversity when painting is good for the motivation.


  1. All good models, but I'll be particularly interested to see what you make of the Dreadball team!

    1. I hope I get around to it, but the FWPC is already up to 30/101 models 4 days after starting, so just now I'm just concentrating on getting a street judge done before it's all over!