Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Stove Operational!

I am breaking in the stove in the attic (hardening the varnish, which reeks awfully).

I do not know, yet, if it can actually heat the room, as I have the trap door open to draw in some fresh air while the varnish hardens, but it seems that at least the near surroundings reach a comfortable temperature - meaning that we should probably still dress accordingly to season, and perhaps move a table up close for gaming under winter conditions.

We'll have so see about that - I hope to try out a gaming session with the stove lit somewhen between Christmas and New Year, or very soon in 2015.


  1. Looks very cosy - we really must get a stove fitted in our own living room.

    1. I cannot recommend it enough! After getting the new convection stove installed, our radiators hardly do any of the heating in most of the ground floor, AND the wood-consumption has been minimized, as we only have to put a piece of firewood on the fire appr. once per hour (we had to use a LOT of wood to get the old radiation stove to heat up the living room alone).
      I look forward to try the stove in the attic wiht the access trap-door closed one of the next days - I would be surprised if it doesn't raise the temperature by 5-10 degrees (especially in less windy conditions).