Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Preparing for the new Stove

As mentioned, we are going to have our old firewood stove in the living room replaced by a new and more efficient one.

The new stove is going on a steel plate on the floor, and I have to remove the tiles (and the carpet beneath them) for this to happen.

So, hyesterday, armed with a crowbar, a rubber mallet, a mason's hammer, and a spatula, I set out to get the first phase of the process done.

Removing the tiles revealed that we probably will not have to put wall paper up on the wall behind the stove - there is plenty already, so only where the old smokepipe enters the wall, a small bare spot will remain after sealing it.

It took me some time, and when I got the floor tiles removed, as I expeccted, there was an old, very ugly, carpet beneath.

The stove must have been installed at a time when the room had a wall-to-wall carpet, and when the carpet was removed for the floor planks to be planed and varnished.

Tiles removed
 The carpet, of course, had to go, too!

With a spatula, lots of patience, and some elbow grease, too (the blasted thing had been glued to the floor), I managed to get the piece of rug removed.

As you can see below, some old varnish, and some putty-like substance remain on some of the planks.

The steel plate is going to cover most of the area, but we shall have to grind down the area along the edges, so it can be varnished, and, hopefully, become akin to the surrounding floor.

After examining the saurface, I decided that a power tool is needed for this, and my wife asked about at work if she could borrow one  hopefully she is bringing one today after work.

Carpet removed
 Realizing that I would not be able to do more work without the proper tool, I put the old stove back in plaxce, so I could light a fire.
Dry-fitting the floor plate
Back in business
I had to put it on some wooden blocks to make the smoke-pipe fit the hole in the chimney, but then it was just business as usual.

I probably shall not manage to get more done until the weekend, as I have an exam on Friday, and shall be preparing it Wednesday and Thursday.

But I finally got started, and that is a BIG leap forward concerning house matters.

Next week our handy-man should be able to come by and connect the new stoves (living room and garage attic), which means another level completed in making this home as functional as possible!

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