Monday, 1 December 2014

'Balin's Tomb': Doing Bases...

I have finished glueing pieces of breakfast cereal box cardbooard into the bases of the first Moria Goblin Rabble unit for the 'Balin's Tomb' GoB army project.

Now I'm glueing pieces of iron on top of (or beneath, depends on perspective) the card layer.

This is arguably more boring than painting Spehs Mehrins - at least that enhances the gaming experience, while this basing does nothing but add some weight to the individual mini, and makes storing safer end easier.

I'm almost done - shall go back to the hobby desk in a few to get the last 3 finished.

Then, tomorrow, I'm having a day off, and I can start touching up the paintjobs on those models that need some attention, before assimilating the bases.

3 points per unit.... 3 more of these 12-strong Rabble units to do, and the 4 8-strong Pests (archers), and I'll have a 24 pts Main Forcde ready.

I already have a Cave Troll painted, and adding that to the force (16 pts), I cannot have a hero, so shall have to resort to a couple of Unit Enhancements, for which I'll paint some models, too.

I am looking forward to fielding these against Duregar's Dwarves, but I may use a couple of units in a combined Orc/Goblin force before the Moria army is done.

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