Friday, 5 December 2014

Sorting Out some Rohan Stuff

24 assembled models
Tuesday, when I had the day off, I used some of the time to rummage through the big storage box where I have the remnants of the big second-hand LotR lots I recently purchased.

This time I unearthed a fairly large number of Rohirrim, more than sufficient to get a Norman proxy army for SAGA started.

The plan is - when I get around to it, to start by using the Rohan Riders as mounted Hearthguard, building up, say 4 points of Hearthguard this way, then paiinting some Royal Guard to take the role as Hearthguard, changing the Riders to 2 points of Warriors.

All the time, I'll be using my Rohan infantry from the God of Battles project as support for the mounted troops, so I can field a 6 points warband asap.

When the force is ready, it should provide a good base for a Rohan God of Battles army

Not really sorted, but I count 20 horses and 19 riders
I hope to be able to keep the steam up, painting LotR models for quite some time yet to come - I certainly have plenty of projects to use them for.

I wish I had more time on my hands, but, well, that's life.

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