Friday, 5 December 2014

Mines of Moria: Aragorn WIP 2

My exam today went really well, so I celebrated by buying some snacks and watching a movie on cable with the kids.

Now they are in bed, and I could turn my attention to the hobby once more.

I added a tiny amount of greenstuff to the right shoulder joint (hard to see in the pic, but you would have noticed if it wasn't there, believe me!).

I'll let it cure until tomorrow, when I'll use my diamond needle file on it, and get the mini primed.

Most of the coarse sand on the base has come off, and I ponder about, whether to glue sand to the base befgore priming, or - as I usually do - wait until I've painted the model. I'm also in doubt if I should use a coarse sand mix or a plain beach sand, but I think I'll go with a mix in between to get a rough, but not broken, texture.

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