Wednesday 17 December 2014

Stoves Finally in Place!

I have finally managed to get the firewood stove in the garage attic put in its rightful places, and tomorrow I shall contact the chimney-sweeper for him to come and inspect the installation.

The old agicultural sack beneath the stove is just for sliding it over the floor plate, and it will have to be removed before the arraival of the chimney-sweeper.

Below is a picture of the corner that is going to be made into a 'cosy-corner' and mead bar, as soon as I find a couple of free or very cheap old worn leather chairs.

I imagine a corner in front of a roaring fire where you can sit and read or discuss rules or games you just played, while having a drink and a snack or two.

I'm very much looking forward to try out the stove, to see how well it heats the attic; if it is effedtive, the gaming room should see a whole lot more use during the cold season than before, and I shall in that case be organizing one-day events during winter.

I also got the stove in the living room put up, and cannot wait to get it going - a good fire simply provides a much nicer heating than the radiators, and all members of my family are sensitive to cold, so we have been cuddling up in the sofas wid bed quilts and woolen plaids in the evenings (nothing wrong with that, it is actually very cosy), so we look forward to be able to lit a good fire.

And I have graduated from the extra education that has been taking up my time. lately, so I should be able to get some hobby work done over the next few weeks!

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