Saturday 18 January 2014

Strange Aeons Revisited.

I am hosting a game of Strange Aeons tomorrow, and am busy getting a Lurker list ready. I am providing both Treshold and the Lurkers, and as the Treshold team was trashed in an attempt at The Devil's Hop Yard last game (about 1½ year ago), and the Field Operatives' Office Liaison (the Treshold player) is going to be Duregar just like the last time, I'm giving him a break with a fairly easy Lurker opposition consisting af a couple of Cultists, some Ghosts (can't wait to try out the Banshees), and a couple of Ghouls and Zombies (do you see a pattern?).

I just finished painting and basing these headstones from Fenris, and basing the ghosts (took me long enough to get done... have had them for quite a few years, now).

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