Saturday 4 January 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing, AAR 2013-12-26, Part 1.

My last game in 2013 was with my 7 years old daughter who played a version of Jean-Luc Picard, who'd probably been too hard at it with the eggnog, judging by the way USS Enterprise-D behaved.

We were playin the first scenario in the rulebook, albeit without the Romulans, as my other daughter (age 10) had found something more interesting to play with (probably her new LEGO Friends yacht).

Both competing ships headed straight for the planet rumoured to contain dilithium.

The Klingon vessel started cloaking right away - forgot that I have to put the counter on the base until the End Phase.
On the second turn, the Klingons, now fully cloaked, performed a Sensor Echo (dislocating the vessel to the left), while the Enterprise... bumped into the planet. As you can't perform actions while in contact with another object, Picard and Data stayed aboard and proposed another toast...

Despise the confusion aboard the Enterprise, the sensors picked up the Klingons, and as a Cloaked Klingon vessel in the Neutral Zone was a clear violation of... something... the Federation opened up with Phasers (Enterprise D can shoot in other directions than its Forward Fire Arc, up to range 2).

As the Enterprise had to subtract 1 Attack Die due to firing outside the Forward Fire Arc, and the Klingons, being cloaked, could add +4 Agility Dice, no harm was done.

I have to conclude Part 1, here, as my stomach is killing me (we had cabbage for dinner). I'll continue this tomorrow, the powers that be permitting...

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