Sunday, 19 January 2014

Another DIY Weekend.

Not much done in terms of the hobby this weekend, apart from basing some ghosts and grave-markers (and playing Strange Aeons today), but I got some long overdue projects in my eldest daughter's room out of the way:

First I put up the long shelf at the top, here. Drilled the screw-holes yesterday, but the old walls are so bad, I had to stuff some of them with filler and put in the plugs to let the stuff dry, before I could attach the brackets with screws.

Then Anna and I put up the two hanging shelves to the left, followed by the small bulletin board.

Finally, the room-dividing curtains were put up (or merely the rod to hang them from):

Anna's room is kind of L-shaped, because of the stairway from the hall, and her bed is cuddled up between the walls, and now screened by the curtains.

Job well done, and a happy 10 year old girl promtly held a drawing session with her sister behind the pulled curtains.

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