Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Strange Aeons 2014-01-19 AAR, Part 4.

Miss Marsden succeeds in purifying the grave of the 2nd Banshee - not letting herself be distracted by the moans of a nearby zombie...

Agent Phelps has his own affairs to attend to; while he is trying to find and remove the last amulets from the grave, the Restless Spirit catches him and tries to shake him with the Frighteners. Phelps keeps calm, and triumphantly unearths another trinket. "Gotcha!"

With a sigh, the ghost dissipates - but whats that skulking thing over there, behind the headstone?

Perrywinkle decides to solve the puzzle in a manly fashion, charging in with his saber held high. The Ghoull lashes out at the gung-ho professor, but he parries, and quickly dispatches the foul creature.

A cultist sneaks up on Phelps and tries his luck with his .22 pea-shooter, but he's a bit jumby, and forgets to take aim.

Agent Byrne runs up to the zombie, and opens up with both his .45 handguns, but the bullets don't seem to make an impression.

The zombie attacks Byrne, and the Professor decides to go lend a hand... or saber.

The zombie gets knocked down - but it gets up again..."No! The HEAD!! Never mind, go get Phelps!"

Byrne obeys, and guides Phelps to the fight...

...while Perrywinkle occupies the undead brawler.

The 3 companions fight several rounds with the Zombie That Refused to Die.

But, finally the professor lands a blow with his saber that removes the zombies head.
Treshold stands triumphant - for now...

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