Monday, 20 January 2014

Strange Aeons 2014-01-19 AAR, Part 1.

As mentioned I hosted a game of Strange Aeons yesterday, and though it was by no means an exemplary game, it was sufficiently fun that I think it's worth sharing.

We hadn't played for about 1½ years, and last game the Treshold team failed miserably at the Devil's Hop Yard (a shambler ripped a couple of members apart), so I wanted to give the F.O.O.L (Field Operatives' Office Liaison - the Treshold player - Duregar) an easy time while getting back to grips with the rules and trying out a couple of new Liurkers (Banshee and Restless Spirit).

Thus, I made a Lurker list consisting of

2 Cultists
2 Ghouls
1 Zombie
2 Banshees
2 Restless Spirits

No skills/extra equipment was purchased, and as yoou can see, I would only be able to nominate/activate 1 Lurker per turn, which should give Treshold an edge while figuring out how to handle the Ghosts.

The newly re-equipped Treshold team of Prof. Perrywinkle looks as follows:

From left to right: Agent Phelps, Harry J. (civ.), Prof. Perrywinkle, Agent Marsden, Agent Byrne, Frank S. (civ.)-
And, yes, I use Old West minis for interwar settings - depicting American characters.
Prof. Perrywinkle:
Standard Gear (.45 Handgun + Bowie Knife)
Civil War Saber
Holy Book
- Command
- Bookish
- +1 Res

Agent Marsden:
Standard Gear (.45 Handgun + Bowie Knife)
Tight Boots
Double Barreled Shotgun
- Smart

Agent Phelps:
Standard Gear (.45 Handgun + Bowie Knife)
Bolt Action Rifle
Lead Breastplate
ß Lucky Idol
- Duck
- +1 Dex
* Teratophobia

Agent Byrne:
Standard Gear (.45 Handgun + Bowie Knife)
+1 .45 Handgun
Molotov Cocktail
- Lieutenant

Frank S. (civ.):
Bowie Knife
Heavy Armoured Vest

Harry J. (civ.):
Bowie Knife
Bolt Action Rifle
Heavy Armoured Vest

2 map Pieces

Special Agent Lolk looked up from the dossier in front of him, as the seemingly elderly man entered the old cabin wearing the pith helmet he stubbornly refused to dispose of, even though his later years of service had taken him away from the tropical investigations he formerly coducted with such fervour.
   "Well met, Professor, have a seat!" Lolk pointed casually at the old wooden chair in front of the makeshift desk, two sawhorses and the door of a long gone outhouse. He suspiciously inspected some stains, not really wanting to know what they consisted of.
  Professor Perrywinkle sat down, and began wiping his misted glasses while squinting at the younger man in front of him.
  Clerk! He thought. Sharp creases, clean shirt, well manicured soft hands. Not a field agent, not a man who got his hands dirty.
  As if he sensed the dislike of his counterpart, Lolk flinched, and looked down at the dingy ducuments in front of him.
  "Well, as you may have heard, we have had reports of... sinister occurrences from this part of the county, and recent interrogations of the locals have all pointed to a certain location as the origin of the... activity..." Lolk paused, wondering if the silent figure in front of him was even listening. "Headquarters demand we upgrade to full scale investigation, meaning that..."
  "Meaning that my team is going in to see if something nasty that may rip a head or an arm off is haunting these woods, right, Sir?" Perrywinkle interupted.
  "Well, if you prefer seeing it that way, Professor. What ever the point of view, here's a map of the area. The 'X' marks an abandoned graveyard from which the sighted phenomenae seem to originate. We are talking ectoplasma, possibly undead creatures, most probably cult activity. Your primary objective is to secure the area for forensic investigations by Special Branch, secondary objective is to bring in a subject for interrogation. Any questions?"
  "Only one: Where's our ride?" Perrywinkle inspected his glasses; seemingly content with the result he placed them back on the tip of his nose and stared at the younger man. Lolk looked away again. This guy is creepy, he thought. And younger than he looks - a trait shared by many field operatives.
  "We have a covered lorry out back - I assume you want to pick up your team right away?"
  "Of course! The bad guys will not stop their evil deeds while we are talking, now, would they, Sir? My team is at the Old Moose Hotel in the town, so if I read this map correctly, we should arrive at the scene in about... two hours."
  "O.K., Professor. When you arrive, be sure to leave the lorry outside the wood, not to alert any delinquents in advance!" Perrywinkle nodded, got on his feet, and pressed the pith helmet down over his brow.
  "Expect debrief in four hours from now, Agent Lolk. Either that, or not at all." He left the cabin, and a minute later the engine of the lorry indicated his departure.
  Agent Lolk turned off the kerosene lamp, tugged his trenchcoat around him, sat back, and closed the eyes. Better get some sleep now, in just five hours he probably would be searching the forest floor for bloody remains of God knows what... or the Treshold agents...

The Lurkers deployed. I forgot to take into account that I would only be able to activate 1 mini per turn, and thus should place all Lurkers in cover from the start, just in case.
Treshold deployed.

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