Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing, 2014-01-02

Ulrik (duregar), Lea, Anna, and I played a 4-way game of ST:AW near the end of my vacation:

Lea played the Federation
Anna played Romulans
Ulrik played the Dominion
I took command of the Klingons

We played the first scenario of the rulebook, as it is a race game nicely suited for multi-player action.

Everybody heading for the planet

Rush hour. Federation, Romulans, and Klingons have away teams on the surface. Klingons and Romulans cloaked.

Dominion and Romulans chasing the Enterprise, while the Klingons skulk arond the planet.
While the other 3 factions started fighting, I beamed up my away team and slipped away to Victory. The Enterprise was hunted Down by the Dominion ship, and finally got blown up.

Next time I play this game, I'll be moving on to the next scenario.


  1. Very cool, thanks for the write up. Been watching this game sit on the shelf at the game store. Haven't picked it up because we are all playing so much X Wing... but I am a huge Trek fan, so it's only a matter of time I guess. Do Away Teams and planets figure into the game a lot or is that just this mission?

    1. Thanks for the comment! :o)
      I can only say: Buy it! It has so much more tactical depth than X-Wing (which is a fantastic game, never the less).
      I haven't really delved into the other missions in the rule book,
      nor the ones coming with each expansion ship, yet (ToS Enterprise comes with the Kobayashi Maru (!), and one of the Klingon ships comes with Tribbles). Away Team is not part of the standard rules, though, but is a scenario specified rule. You can easily write up your own scenarios involving the use of Away Teams, though.