Monday 27 January 2014

Strange Aeons 2014-01-19 AAR, Part 2.

Has it been a week, already? Time flies with preparations for DwA, PSZ, Attic Attack, mead bottlind, and the gods know what...

Never the less:

Having arrived at the forest edge, the Treshold operatives quickly dismounted an fanned out to both sides of the track leading into the shadow, to avoid any possible ambushes.

A small truck from a chocolaterie was found parking near and old, moldy cabin - while chanting voices were heard between the trees.

What nefarious deeds were in the making here? Prof. Perrywinkle promtly ordered his team to advance.

Frank S. and Harry J. both hesitated, having not undergone the training programme of the agency, while the agents surged forward to cover the entrance to the old graveyard.

Suddenly, a misty outline materializes on the right flank, and assuming the form of a grotesquely ugly woman, it scares the living daylights out of the civilians.

Perrywinkle, recognizing the Banshee for what it is, grabs his Holy Book, orders the civilians to safety, and runs to face the ghost.

The Banshee unleashes an unearthly wail, and the stalwart Professor succumbs to stupefaction. The Treshold team is shaken - barely has contact been made, and the leader goes down!

Attracted by the sound of the Banshee, a Ghoul starts moving towards the Treshold lines.

The Professor shrugs off the effects of the Banshee's wail, and gets back on his feet. He quickly uses his Holy Book to dispatch the ghost.

But, mere seconds later, another Banshee materializes at the cabin. Will agent Marsden keep her resolve, or be a victim of this hellish apparition?

Byrne orders Marsden to ignore the ghost, and he, Marsden,, and Phelps run forward to survey the graveyard.

The Banshee, seemingly drawn towards Perrywinkle, turns both the civilians into babbling wrecks.

The good Professor now has to face the horror without the help of his Holy Book, having already used up its supernatural properties.
Will he keep his resolve, when the Banshee unleashes its blood-curdling scream at him?

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