Sunday, 26 January 2014

Slow Weekend.

Yesterday, I spent some time painting and almost finishing 2 zeds, but the entire afternoon I was in Odense with my youngest daughter, buying a lot of stuff I need for both hobby- and other purposes.

I got a can of spray varnish for when I start paointing my first DreadBall team (soon, I hope), and a can of Army Painter brown spray primer for my Mantic zeds + some deck boxes for my Star Trek: Attack Wing cards, and my Pulp Alley cards (the PA cards come in a clear acrylic box, but I want to put the cards in card sleeves, and they don't fit in there).

I also got a vice for my workshop in the garage, and some pieces for putting up light in the garage attic I didn't get last time - and some stuff not interesting in this context.

Today, I spent the morning in the garden with my eldest daughter, moving a lot of wood to the 'driveway' in front of the shed, where I cut up firewood.

This afternoon I had to make another trip to Odense, as yesterday I forgot a bag with a shining new pajama in a store. I also tried to get some machine screws for attaching my new vice to the workshop desk, but it proved impossible to get some in the right thickness that are the right length. Instead I bought a 1 m. threaded rod the right thickness, and some washers and nuts - I then have to saw appropriate pieces from the rod, and use those instead of screws.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on preparations for bottling my first batch of home-brewed mead.

I removed front and back labels from 37 wine bottles, and a single Bailey's bottle:

During the coming week I'll remove the tin foils from the bottlenecks, and though I probably have enough bottles for 25 liters of mead (36 bottles containing .70 liter should do the trick), I have another batch of bottles to prepare:

The weather forecast talks about lots of blowing snow tomorrow, so this evening I'll have to cover my stuff in the garage attic with the tarpaulins I bought some weeks ago.

The handball European Championship ended with an embarassing defeat against France in the finals, so I should have more time for getting some painting done, and updating this little blog from tomorrow on...

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