Saturday, 4 January 2014

Little Boxes, on the Hillside....

I received  2 of these for Christmas from my wife, and as you can see, I immediately started putting them to use (the other one was used for Star Trek: Attack Wing):

Today, after receiving a long awaited shipment of expansion fighters and card sleeves (the vendor had to collect the ships from various sources, I guess),  I purchased another set of these boxes, and got all my Star Wars: X-Wing stuff sorted (apart from the 2 big ships I have; I'll have to find another size of box for those...).

 The cards are stored in the starter box, after being sorted and put in sleeves.

I'm really looking forward to try out the Tie Advanced with Darth Vader at the steering stick (or whatever they are using), flanked by two aces in Tie Fighters (of which I now have a total of 5, plus a Tie Bomber; I only miss the Tie Interceptor to have the full series).

I have started to get all my Star Trek stuff unpacked and sorted today, but it takes time, and I've run out of card sleeves, just short of 2 ships...

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