Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Strange Aeons Collection Expanded!

Got Morbid Adventures and Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem Issue No. 3 Arrived in the post yesterday, along with my T-Shirt, Submerged Deep One, and Membership Card for the Cult of the Black Goat (#84 - we are a small, exclusive club, still).

Rules for Psychic Powers/Skills, and Necronomicon Spells, and a bunch of new Quest Scenarios to choose from. Just in time we got the old Treshold team back to work - they are now up for Psychic Latency Screening to see if any of them might posess extraordinary talents.

Human Lurkers may be tested too, and Rogue Treshold Characters and Agents may even buy Psychic Powers and Skills, just like ordinary upgrades!

I think we may now have another good reason to play some more games of SA (and for me to get those cults for Vuk painted).

Back to the Strange Aeons AAR - I hope to continue it tomorrow, but work, combined with the Handball European Championship (Denmark plays semi-final Friday), really puts some limits to my hobby activities atm. Finals on Sunday, and conditions will return to normal thereafter, I reckon.

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