Tuesday, 7 January 2014

And the Dead Shall Walk Among You....

I finished touching up this guy 2 days ago for the Lead Apocalypse Painting Club at the Laf. Most of the pj was done a couple of years ago by an acquaintance of mine, but I added some wash and darkened the blood a bit. I think I'll redo his eyes, too, but otherwise he'll have to do.

The shambler below I just finished a few hours ago, and I'll be painting zombies 'til I run out of primed ones, or the Lead Apocalyse ends. They are Wargames Factory multi-part plastics, not greaqt sculpts, and I'll be doing quick block-and-wash pjs on all of them.

I have another one ready for entering tomorrow, but I won't post it before I unveil it on LAF.

I know I promised to continue the Star Trek AAR, but I've been simply all but collapsing on the couch after dinner the the past few days, and it didn't help to have a very long workin hours yesterday, on my first day after the holidays...

Wall Street Zombie
But I'm starting to find my footing, again, and thus I managed to slip in this post today.

I'll see if I can find the time to write up some more of the AAR tomorrow, but in the meantime, these pics will have to do!

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