Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Strange Aeons 2014-01-19 AAR, Part 3.

In the meantime, at the graveyard:

A Restless Spirit floats towards our heroes, while agent Marsden spots a headstone surrounded by an eerie mist:

Agent marsden decides to investigate the matter - and the Banshee, sensing a mortal soul near its shallow grave, rushes back through the hillock, and  screams at marsden, making her attempt suicide with her Bowie Knife - which she fails (she probably never uses it for anything but picking her fingernails).

Perrywinkle and Phelps both rush past the Restless Spirit, Phelps having figured out what grave it eminated from. Frantically clawing at the dirt, Phelps starts removing amulets and other trinkets from the grave. Marsden also reaches her objective and gets to work.

The Banshee, sensing imminent doom, again screams at Marsden, resulting in another failed suicide attempt.

END OF PART 3 (I spent most of the evening getting a START-button for Windows 8, and trying to figure out how to start scanning from a Windows 8 computer... damn Microsoft...)

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