Monday, 13 January 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing, AAR 2013-12-26, Part 2.

Well,, it took me long enough to get this back on tracks, but this week I'll be doing some catching up on pending posts...

After bumping into the planet, my daughter decided to make a long turn (switching to auxiliary power) to get the Enterprise clear. I made a short move to enter orbit and promptly beamed Down my away team to start collecting mineral samples.

No shooting, as the planet blocked any chance of that.

The next series of pics really tell their own tale:

On my next move I could leave the board via my entry zone, carrying sufficient samples to win the game.

This may seem to have been an easy Victory, but Lea actually came close to crippling my ship, and the Dice Gods could have been kinder to her.

For a first game played by a 7 year old girl, I think she did quite well, and it demonstrates the cleverness of this game engine; it's simple enough for kids, yet with enough tactical depth to challenge seasoned gamers.

I staged this scenario as a four-player affair with my two daughters, my gaming pal Ulrik (duregar), and myself about a 1½ week ago, and while I won that one, too, while the Enterprise was destroyed by the Dominion, it was a really fun and chaotic affair.

But more about that game in another post!

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